• Barrel for barrel waste produces half the energy of oil.


Solution: Converting waste into green electricity.

wastelectric is our future’s answer to cleaning up the way we put out the trash! What we have typically thrown in the garbage or our recycling bins, can now be converted into viable, green energy (electricity) or valuable products, such as ammonia, urea, nitrogen based fertilizers, and hydrogen.
This in turn translates into money and jobs that feed our economy.

At wastelectric, we are recovering energy from waste through Gasification! Much of the abundant energy in our collection of waste goes untapped. Gasification is recovering this unused energy and converting it into green electricity. Not only are we reducing waste and eliminating our dependency on fossil fuels, but we are reducing the emissions of harmful methane gases and leaching of toxins into our water and soil; a thermal solution!

Imagine a world without toxic landfills. No more emissions of hazardous gas and taking up our much needed land that once landfills occupied. The numbers are impressive! A facility that treats 750 tons of municipal waste a day can provide enough power for up to 40,000 homes, while one ton of waste can create approximately 1.3 megawatts of power.

wastelectric is bringing waste project opportunities together with the appropriate funding partners, in order to most effectively collaborate on this astounding technology. This is an amazing opportunity to participate in an endeavor that is dramatically improving the health of our planet!