Partner with us!

Three kinds of partners:

  1. Project Opportunity Developers – Governments, municipalities, organizations or individuals looking for a green solution to landfills.
  2. Project Funders – Equity or senior debt funders for funding the development permitting phase or construction and equipment phase.
  3. Technology Providers – Companies that can provide proven technology for municipal solid waste gasification and energy generation.

Two kinds of customers:

  1. Power Utilities – looking to buy green renewable energy.
  2. Waste Management Organizations – looking for an economical eco-friendly place to take the waste.

Wastelectric projects involve a few collaborative entities. Some entities may form a joint venture with Wastelectirc and become direct partners in a project. Others may form a strategic partnership with Wastelectirc to provide support for the success of a project under specific commercial arrangements. If you can play a part in bringing an end to landfills please contact us.